Howdy Wifey

Camne life lepas bergelar wife?
Epoi merasa air tangan wife @ mertua?

I received an e-mail from husband's cousin yesterday asking question above. We have married for one month plus now, however we still live in my parent's house. Our house is not ready up till now even though we have bought all the furniture and the household. Hehe. Obviously our target to move in after the marriage is unsuccessful due to our busy schedule. Yeah, excuses.

The house is just about five minutes drive distance from my parent’s house so maybe we (I) just take for granted about the moving part. Honestly I’m quite comfortable live in my parent’s house. (Who doesn’t? Unless you don’t have a good relationship with your parent) But we definitely will move out soon.

At the moment I haven’t cook or do the house cleaning or what so ever a wife should do, excluding the laundry. Yeah, it is because I have my mother to do other than the laundry part for me. Therefore I consider I still not done my responsible to take a good care of my husband/family.

Not a good wifey. Uhuk.

*Karangan pendek version budak form three.

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